Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

2 x gezwickt, das Hirnzwickerl - B r a i n T e e t h e r * Do not dream - live your dream *

b i l d e r b u n t  *   Do not dream - live your dream

Such a clever-stupid-slogan is again in circulation  isn't it? How many are there actually like this? Does futility statements like this make sense for someone? 
For example: Howe chew a poor hungry person the food which it can only dreaming of?

How do we live our dreams? Can we do it?

My dreams were and are traveling. Often it will be a joyful reality for me. I've just returned from a trip out of the Sultanate of Oman. This travel destination was one of my absolutely biggest dreams.

On the first day to explore our many planned excursions, exploring country and meeting people, our big dream bursted. I slipped in splits and felt in a muddy greasy puddle like a celebrated soccer star. However Im not. 

First I've been shocked because my leg muscles were not longer under my control. The  unaccustomed heat over 30° C  just coming out of winter  brought me dangerously near to a circulation collapse. Everything was spinning, whistling in my ears. But a sweet 60 plus like me has experience and fitness training for (over-) life. On the spot I did lay down in the sun on the floor, feet up on a small wall, face covered with my hut. Braved anywhere before muddy greenish slimy dirt, I did not really care about. I closed my eyes, called all the heavenly helpers and started breathing.

In one of my first Brain Twister I presented my forever chattering mind called "Moritz“. He could not shut up his mouth in this situation. Tortured and drilled me with questions like "Why? Why? Why? Does that makes sense? The living dream has ended! Why?“. "I moaned back whimpering: Silence! We do not  expect any fulfillment of meaning, we give sense to life! We know who we are and looking forward! Moritz shut up!: Inhale  Exhale!“

My friend was at the end with his nervous energy and confident. This first day was for him the end of a wonderful dream. The fulfillment died just in the first young sunny happy hours  this trip is over! At least my loved ones was tested strong with me. There were several occurrences with me on our last travels: Rib injury, swollen bursitis on both knees, wheelchair adventures, 3-days-hospitalization because of threatening bronchitis  enough is enough!

Now he was the one who really needed a break for mental processing, sulk, support and encouragement. But Moritz with a cheeky grin bubbled again and whispered in my ear "Remember there was this pompous indispensable teacher of life, he teached: If a man .. oops I meant hu-man ..  cut in the finger, the whole body is suffering!“. "I agree, oh yes, Moritz. We should remember all the under reporting cases of innumerable infections as violent men-colds and women are the big unpaid carers. In different the women-cold is not so heavy. Women can be diseased and at the same time cooking, washing, caring for husband and household. - Moritz, shut up! Breathing on  out  of ...“

Everything will be alright

After my daily restless nights on a the too hard mattress for my poor body "Lupina-Dolores" I gritted my bones and joints, promised her a lot of joy for this coming lovely sunny new day. Studied with interest every day with a look in the mirror my back thigh. The muscle was pretty swollen, marveled at the descent of a huge wide dark blue area just below the buttock till under the knee. Never ever my love got a photo. Like a princess I ordered to dress up me stocking and shoe every day.  Assorted me again for the adventure of a happy new day. The postponed sacroiliac has to wait.

We spent a part of our daily travels up to 400 km and I sit on the left buttock if we were not intervening on foot. Stopped at countless Humbles (brake humps) on Oman streets. Climbed out of the car, got in, gout out, got in, looked, talked with people, photographed admired natural surroundings, was glad and cheered. I allowed myself to behave still as a prima donna and instead of sitting I was standing at dinner in restaurants, went up and down looking around  obvious the manager. Finally a break from bowing for anything let me smile. Like a monkey I clung on the arm of my dear friend,. At his side I did tiptoe prudent on marble floors as smooth as glass and strolled through great marble halls. Finally he realized how much I depend on him. 

Sometimes there was a difficult problem for me, a very personally sensitive situation: The attacks of  Lady Di Arhoeas evil alien bacteria. How do I find out a security way? Any guardian angel received an opportunity holding my hand or made impossible paths in stranger terrains  accessible. 

In the evening back at home I made my 40 stair steps up to the second floor with a grerat desire and long for the hard matress, stretching me long until the next morning. 

I did not live a dream but made the best of every moment. Absorbed all beautiful moments that brought me a lot of impressions. Its my great pleasure now because you can enjoy my video clips travel nerves in two parts in YouTube / chanel eavcat. Thats I call life - sharing joy!

The friendliness and big hospitality of debonair Omani people has filled my heart. Strangers were greeting us, we ere invited of them for tea, coffee, lunch and dinner of them. They introduced us her family and children. Once when we wanted keep on driving and asked to the way we were greeted by a coffee shop owner. He conducted us and presented us some bottle water. At the next same situation we taking a free camel ride. Ive got a little bottle olive oil to massage my leg, just now as somebody has seen my handycap. We found a great friend in our landlord of our holiday home in Maskat. This home let make us feeling happy and gave us relax. Unselfish he has shown us his city and helped us in all we needed. 

I have seen animals that made me lough; dunes of which I have dreamed, the turquoise green see with its noise. The salty air I sucked in for my health. Many miles of sandy beaches I did enjoy. I admired old Suqs and the peacful activities of the people without stricts adhering appointments as we do usually. This peacfull country is definitely blessed. 

However I reminded of our female fighters for women rights. We can be very proud and happy. Although we have certainly still not done all. 

Let us remember 

who and what we are, what we have - make and give life a sense!
The bright spot and lightness we can find in our hearts. 
Lets start simply with respect for each other and peacful words. 

We should check our trekking sandals of life
Although we have rubber soles
they could be more stressed than the shoes of our traveling compagnion
Stages of our life could be not longer safe.

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